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Oregon Concealed Carry License Course

Oregon requires surprisingly minimal training to acquire a license to carry a concealed handgun. Technically, all you need is a class which (according to the statute) has handgun safety as a component of the course.

Our Concealed Carry for Oregon course goes far beyond what the state requires! In this class you’ll not only learn about handgun safety, but also:

  • Safe storage
  • The laws regarding the use of deadly force
  • Interacting with police officers
  • Where you can and cannot carry your concealed handgun
  • When you’re legally allowed to shoot
  • The aftermath of a lethal encounter
  • Concealing a handgun
  • Special needs of women who carry (if applicable)
  • …and much more!

This class is three hours long and will give you the legal and practical knowledge you need to be a law abiding concealed carrier. Don’t trust your freedom to a lesser course; you’ll get all of the vital information you need to in PSI’s Concealed Carry for Oregon class!